Articles of association of non-profit association "CIF - Estonia" The articles of association of a non-profit association "CIF - Estonia" (hereinafter referred to as Association) have been approved by the foundation agreement on August 22nd, 2001.

1. General Provisions

1.1. Name
The official name of Association is "CIF - Estonia"

1.2. Location
The location of the Association is Ilvese 34-4, Pärnu, Estonia, zipcode 80037.

1.3. Status
Organization "CIF - Estonia" is a politically independent non-profit legal entity in private law. The Association follows Estonian legislation, decisions of foundation agreement and its articles of association.

1.4 Financial year
The financial year of the Association begins on 1 January and finishes on 31 December.

2. Goals of Association "CIF - Estonia"

2.1. The goals of Association "CIF - Estonia" are as follows:
1) to promote human understanding
2) to present CIF organization
3) to arrange CIF programs in Estonia
4) to arrange cultural and professional self-educating to social workers and youth leaders and their participation in exchange programs outside Estonia.
5) to arrange courses, seminars, conferences, camps and tutorial travels in the field of social work and youth work; also to devise mutual educational and cultural projects and find partners to co-operate with.

2.2. Association "CIF - Estonia" has the right to own property, symbols and seal.
2.3. Association "CIF - Estonia" has been founded for an unspecified term.

3. Membership

3.1. The founders
The founders of the Association CIF-Estonia are all the persons who concluded the foundation agreement and approved the present articles of association.
3.2. Members of the Association "CIF - Estonia"
All physical persons from Estonia who acknowledge the goals and articles of Association and have fully participated in CIF program may join the Association "CIF - Estonia"

3.3 Physical person can be elected to honorary member of Association "CIF-Estonia" by the resolution of Management Board.

3.4. Rights of members Members of Association have the right to:
use services provided by the Association CIF-Estonia;
participate in events organised by the Association CIF-Estonia;
make proposals and submit enquiries to the board on issues related to the activities of the Association CIF-Estonia;
participate in a meeting with the right to vote;
be elected a member of the Management Board, (council) and other bodies.
Honorary members have the same rights as ordinary members
Honorary members are released of the membership fee.

3.5 Obligations of members
Members are obliged to:
observe articles of association and decisions of the Association bodies;
take active participation in activities of the Association;
use property of the Association prudently and economically;
submit information on their residence and address and personal identification code to the Management Board of the Association to keep records of its members and provide new data within two months as of the date of change in these data;
pay a membership fee appointed by the General Meeting of Association in specified period of time.

3.6 Admission of members
A person who wants to join the Association shall have to submit a written application to the Management Board that shall within one month notify the applicant of their admission or refusal thereof.
Member of the Association will be excluded on the basis of a written application or in case of non-payment of the membership fee during the financial year. If the membership expires in the middle of the financial year then member should pay membership fee for the whole financial year. On termination of membership there will be no refunding of joining and membership fees.
Member can be excluded from the Association by the decision of the Board if that member does not follow the provisions of the Articles of the Association or if the member has morally or materially damaged Association or systematically fails to comply with orders issued by the Board of Association within the limits of their competence.
The decision of exclusion and its reasons should be stated to excluded member within 7 calendar days. Excluded member have the right to request the review of a decision by the General Meeting.

4. General meeting

4.1 General meeting is the highest body of the Association, in which each member has one vote.

4.2 The general meeting is competent to:
1) amend the articles of association
2) change the goals of Association
3) appointing the members of the Board
4) adopting resolutions on other issues that are not placed in the competence of other bodies according to law or the articles of association;
5) appointing the rate and deadline of annual membership fee

4.3 Management Board shall call the general meeting giving notice minimum seven days in advance:
a) to approve the annual report
b) in case it is required in written and reasoned by a minimum 1/10 of members.
c) in other circumstances if it is in the best interests of the Association.

4.4 General meeting may adopt resolutions if at least one-half of members or their representatives are present.

4.5 The resolution of the general meeting shall be adopted if at least one-half of the members or their representatives present at the general meeting are in favour unless the law or the articles of association prescribe a greater majority requirement.

4.6 A resolution on amendment of the articles of association or the goals shall be adopted if at least two-thirds of the votes of the general meeting are in favour.

5. Management Board

5.1 The Management Board of the Association is a directing body, which represents and directs the Association, there are two to five members.

5.2 The members of the Management Board shall be appointed by the general meeting for the term of two years.

5.3 The Management Board represents the Association in all and every legal deeds.

5.4 If legal transactions made on behalf of the Association exceed one thousand euros, the Management Board shall have to receive prior consent of the general meeting.

5.5 A resolution of the Management Board shall be adopted if majority of members vote in favor.

5.6 Management Board compiles the annual work schedule of Association on January 31st and determines the persons responsible for the execution of that schedule on their consent.

6. Amendment of articles of association

6.1 A proposal to amend the articles of association shall have to be submitted in written to the Management Board. The latter prepares it for hearing at the next general meeting. The articles of association may only be amended if the agenda of the general meeting provides for the amendments or supplements.

7. Dissolution of Association

7.1 A dissolution shall be adopted if at least two-thirds of the votes represented at the general meeting are in favor.

7.2 Upon dissolution of the Association its assets shall be transferred to another association that follows similar goals in Estonia or in some other country.

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